October 16, 2019

Your One Stop Shop For Complete Auto Care

Economy Auto Repair & Bodyshop is your one stop shop for all your auto care needs, from Oil change to brakes, engine / transmission repairs and body shop repairs.

Here are some of the many services that we provide at a very competitive rate.

► Computer Diagnosis

► Complete Break Repair/ Service
► Licensed Auto Body Shop 
► A/C Repair Diagnosis
► Welding and Fabrication
► Tune Ups
► Transfer Cases
► Timing Belts
► Head Gaskets
► Clutch Jobs
► 4 Wheel Computer Alignment
► Transmission Repair/ Overhaul
► Engine Replacement
► Fuel Injection Cleaner
► Front End Repair
► Shock Absorber Replacement
► Custom Exhausts
► Fabricated Drive Shafts
► Differentials